Explosives Detection

Do you need a Scent Works K9 Academy explosive dog? Here are some facts that will show you can’t afford not to. 

  1. Our explosive dogs are trained and certified in 30 explosive odors.  All local competitors average only 10 basic odors. Scent Works K9 Academy goes above and beyond to make sure we cover all odors used by modern day terrorists.
  2. Our trainers are fully certified by the U.S.P.C.A (United States Police Canine Association) and have over 60 years combined training.  All trainers are current K9 handlers and have dozens of Scent Certified K9 partners.  Our lead Explosive Trainer has 15 years experience working (3) three different breeds of dogs that have been certified by the ATF.
  3. All of our dogs are hand selected and go through a vigorous 10-12 week scent detection school.
  4. Our training center consists of all types of various environmental factors to assure our dogs are ready for any area and will search consistently no matter what the condition.
  5. We offer a full operation plan prior to signing any contact or being hired so you feel comfortable knowing what to expect from our services.
Some Facts About Explosive Trained Scent Dogs
  1. Dogs search 4 times faster than any human can with more accuracy.
  2. About $19 Billion have been spent on research and development regarding scent detection and none have matched the effectiveness as a dog’s nose.
  3. Dogs can detect explosive odors even when masked. Humans or electronics can only pick up the stronger odor.
  4. Dogs are a huge deterrent for terrorists and criminals.
    1. It has been shown that simply having a dog present immediately places people at ease and has been found to deter anyone thinking about placing explosives at the event.
-Please allow one of our representatives to speak to you about your event and your needs.  During our meeting and/or phone conversation we can provide a full cost break down and exactly what our services include.