Board and Train

If you can’t take your dog on vacation or life is just too hectic to train your dog yourself, we offer a Board and Board & Train program. We at ScentWorks K9 Academy believe that obedience is the foundation of all dog training whether its a working or house pet. We provide a board and board and train program. While boarding your dog with us, our certified trainers will train your dog on basic commands to make him or her obedient for walks, family gatherings or just sitting around the house. Option two, Board and Train. With caring for your dogs every need during their stay with us, you will meet with one of our trainers and go over a program tailored to your specifications on how obedient you want your dog to be.

Our trainers have over 60 years in obedience both basic and advanced in the military, police and civilian world and are ready for your dog to be


  • Faster Results Your dog learns directly from a professional and receives several hours of hands-on training each day.
  • Immersive Learning The dogs are spending the entire day in a controlled environment where every decision is guided and reinforced. Many dogs find this type of environment to be therapeutic.
  • Less Stress On You Let us work through the challenging early stages of training and the tedious repetition that you may not have time for.
  • Enhanced Customization The amount of time we spend with your dog in the Board and Train program allows us to get to know him or her on a much deeper level. This way we can develop specific strategies and exercises directly targeted toward each individual. This is especially valuable in behavioral cases.each individual. This is especially valuable in behavioral cases.